George Takei Remembers

“It’s important that we know of the chapters that are dark — where we failed — so that we won’t make those mistakes again.” — George Takei


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2 Responses to George Takei Remembers

  1. V.L. Gregory says:

    I completely agree with George Takei. I find it unconscionable that, in the name of “political correctness,” we gloss over, deny and re-write history. If we recognize the chapters that are dark, portray them as unacceptable, learn from them–only then, can we bring about change in the hearts and minds of men, women and children of the world.

    • janmorrill says:

      Palooski65, I agree completely. Unfortunately though political correctness serves its purpose at times, I think sometimes we go overboard. Including those times when we sanitize our history.

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