We’re Not Going to Let It Happen Again

“Good people need to stand up and say, ‘We’ve seen this before,

and we’re not going to let it happen again.'”

–Representative Keith Ellison, a Muslim

Seventy years ago, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. government placed 110,000 Japanese Americans behind barbed wire. Today, Representative Michele Bachmann is making claims that an Islamist group has infiltrated the U.S. government.

Fear and ignorance are slippery slopes.

According to an article in the Washington Post: Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, said that Bachmann’s accusations “reflect a general pattern of Islamophobia that touches too many areas of our society.”

This is one reason we must remember our history–even the ugly parts–so we don’t let it happen again.






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3 Responses to We’re Not Going to Let It Happen Again

  1. We human beings so often make decisions based on emotion and that emotion is so often fear. Looking back seventy-plus years on something like the Japanese internment, the fear is gone and we can see the absurdity and unfairness of what was done. Now, with Muslims, fear once again tromps logic and fairness. We act in anger and frustration and convince ourselves its self-defense. Life is never easy or simply. Decisions seldom black or white. As individuals we chose though, to stretch toward understanding, or to fall back in fear and anger.

  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Hear, hear Jan! Indeed, leaders never seem to learn!

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