A thought-provoking post by my friend, Pamela Foster. There are differences beyond politics, religion and skin color?

Pamela Foster, Author and Speaker

Yesterday my friend, Sandy, and I went out to lunch at Briar Rose, a great little bakery just up the road from me here in Farmington.  Both Sandy and I ordered a spinach salad.  No bacon.  No egg.  No cheese.  The waitress was friendly.  The people at the next table made eye contact and smiled in the way of small town people the world over.   The sun shone brightly through the windows.

All was well.

Then Sandy forgot herself and said, and I want you to see her pretty mouth open, the words emerging distorted into the floury air as though in slow motion.

“Weeee’re Veeeegaaans.”

The couple next to us dropped their eyes, hid behind their menus. The waitress developed a small twitch in her left eyebrow, leaned her body as far away from us as possible given her trapped position between the tables. The sun disappeared behind a…

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  1. I remember hearing the story of how, when my grandpa was being transferred from one prison camp to another, he found it ironic that he was treated better than some of the African American soldiers who were guarding him.

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