Angry Words

Photo taken at the site of Heart Mountain Internment Camp



It seems there’s a lot of anger in the world today. I don’t like anger, though I see its purpose, perhaps to clear the air, cleanse the soul.

But too often, anger is fired like bullets. Dropped like a bomb. And the one who “attacked” runs away before anything can be resolved.

I wrote this haiku for The Red Kimono. It represents Sachi’s feelings as verbal “bullets” are fired upon the Japanese-Americans who enter the internment camp.


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7 Responses to Angry Words

  1. Linda Apple says:

    Beautiful! What program did you use to write on your picture? You ought to have Russell make a posters from that and you either sell them or give one with the purchase of your book. 🙂

  2. Beth Carter says:

    Powerful haiku. Beautifully said. And I agree with Linda about the posters. Russell and his staff made some great ones for me that I put in store fronts prior to book signings.

  3. lessandragr says:

    Very nice. This haiku sounds like it could pertain to the anger in the middle east right now.

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