#AtoZChallenge: U is for Unmasked

Day 21 of the A to Z Challenge is the letter “U”:

U is for Unmasked


One of the themes in The Red Kimono is removing one’s mask and becoming true to oneself. No doubt, I included this as a theme because it has played an important role in my own life. So often, I’ve hidden behind a mask of proper behavior, not stirring the pot, or wanting to be accepted. As I get older, I ask myself “Why?”

Why be accepted, if it is not for who you truly are? Is it a contest? A game to see how many people we can get to like us? That’s rather shallow, when you think about it.

When I think of what heaven would be like, the first thing I think of is to be free of all masks.

As I’ve mentioned before, I used haiku throughout The Red Kimono. But two haiku stand out in importance to the book. The first one:

A porcelain mask
though inside a heart beats strong
even the oak breaks

And the last one:

A porcelain mask
once broken, but now removed
my true face revealed

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One Response to #AtoZChallenge: U is for Unmasked

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful post, Jan.

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