#VideoChallenge: Moving On

Day #8 of the 30-Day Video Challenge.

I don’t quit many things, and I’m resistant to admitting to quitting this 30-Day Challenge. Perhaps this list of excuses reasons will give me a little cover:

  • It takes forever to upload the video to my computer, and then to my blog. There are already too few hours in the day.
  • Frankly, I don’t think there’s enough about my life that is interesting enough to “vlog” about for 30-days–at least nothing that I’m willing to share with the world. 🙂
  • I’m a writer, and my time should be spent writing.

That’s not to say I haven’t already gotten some value out of this last week of video-blogging. Through self-critique, I’ve seen the following ways I can improve my presentation:

  • Sit up/stand up straight.
  • Talk slowly.
  • Speak from my abdomen and not through my nose.
  • Never look down as I speak.
  • Use proper lighting.
  • Smile.
  • Edit, edit, edit.

So, though this will be my last entry in this video challenge, it will not be my last video, and I’m glad I participated for the first week. I’m absolutely sure that because of it, I’ll “vlog” more often.

My last video is rather long. It contains a couple of excerpts from the 50-minute presentation that was taped last night as I spoke about The Red Kimono at the Fayetteville Public Library. As I prepared these clips for uploading to my blog, I learned to edit — trim, paste, add photos and text. Without this challenge, I might never have taken the time to learn how to do this.

So, though I’m dropping out, I look forward to following some of the vloggers who are forging on with this challenge, and I say, “Bravo for you!”




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4 Responses to #VideoChallenge: Moving On

  1. I thought you did a good job with the videos. One thing we all do that we need to watch, and I’m guilty too, is rolling our eyes upward when we pause to think. And the previous hints are good. The camera should be even with or above our faces. Set below makes us look strange. I agree about writers need to write. If we did all the things that are suggested for promotion, we’d be professional marketers, not writers. Pick two or three tools for promotion and do them very well. Also, place your books as many free places online as you can manage. If you prepare your information ahead of time, you can quickly post to these sites. Sorry for the long comment, I get started I can’t stop. Good job, Jan.

  2. Janice Heck says:

    Vlogging 30 days straight is probably unrealistic. I wonder how many people will finish. I could see myself taking on a 1 a week challenge. 30? Never. Congrats for doing as many as you did. And you did learn some things, so that’s good. Good luck on your next challenge.

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