#Discussion Question 2: The Three Main Characters

The Red Kimono

I’ve made a list of questions for use by book clubs or classes to discuss The Red Kimono, and today, This is a weekly blog series where I’ll post one question for discussion by anyone who has read the book.

At the end of the series, I’ll open the discussion for you to post other questions you may have about the book. Who knows…maybe I’ll add your question to my list!

Please feel free to comment and discuss your thoughts with us. Positive or negative, I’d like to know! Who knows . . . maybe something you say will influence the story in the in-progress sequel!


Each week, I’ll pick a random winner from those who leave comments. Winner will receive:


A copy of my book of essays, Doll in the Red Kimono, (good reading companion for The Red Kimono!)

kimono girls

AND three “kimono girls” notepads!

Here’s this week’s question:

The three main characters are Sachi, Nobu and Terrence. What are the similarities of their experiences? What are the differences in how each of them dealt with those experiences? What did each of them learn about themselves?

Here are my answers:

In The Red Kimono, each character deals with prejudice, even racism. (There is a difference. See my blog post, “Prejudice vs. Racism.”) For Sachi, kids at her school call her names, which makes her wish she looked like everyone else so she will “fit in.” Nobu is also called names, but his resentment goes much deeper. He resents that he is not treated as the American he is, simply because he looks like the enemy. Terrence not only shows prejudice when he seeks revenge against a random Japanese man because he looks like the enemy who killed his father at Pearl Harbor, he also faces racism when the guards in prison place a “white boy” in the cell with him, to “mix things up.”

Without spoiling the ending of the book, I’ll simply answer the third question this way: Two of these characters open their hearts to the differences of others and overcome the fears of those differences. One does not.

Which character did you relate to the most?

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