The “Other” Things I Learned

The Red Kimono won the Best Fiction Book Award at this year’s Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference!

Jan Morrill Writes

Every year I attend OWFI, I learn something new. This year was no different. In each workshop I attended, I learned something. However, I don’t think I can re-cap those workshop tidbits any better than Theresa Hupp did in her blog post titled, “30 Gold Nuggets from a Writing Conference.”

So, this year, I thought I’d make a list of a few “other” things I learned — things that weren’t necessarily taught in the workshops:

Grace under pressure: OWFI President Past OWFI President, Christine Jarmola, began the conference by announcing the word for the conference was “flexible.” She exemplified “show, don’t tell” and “actions speak louder than words,” with her easy-going, take-it-as-it-comes-and-laugh-about-it style and it trickled down. This was a challenging year for Christine and her board and she handled it with grace and humor–at least in public. 🙂

photo 4That’s what friends are for: I presented three workshops during…

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2 Responses to The “Other” Things I Learned

  1. Jo Ann Wardein says:

    Congrats, Jan, on winning, AND on having such an awesome time! 🙂

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