The Red Kimono

Many people don’t know about the internment camp in Santa Fe. Christiane Von Linz writes about it in her blog post.

Travel Sonata in C-Major

I was taking an easy hike along the ridge overlooking Santa Fe when I stumbled upon an interesting place: a memorial site telling of the internment camp that used to occupy the beautiful park now spreading before me. Taken aback, I just stood there contemplating the fate of so many innocent Japanese men after the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941,

PEARL_HARBORwho were off loaded here at the gates one cold Spring day in 1942 facing some desolate terrain. train

A Japanese woman walked up to me, staring at the plaque for what seemed an eternity. Then she turned to me with a smile, saying hello. A lengthy chat ensued in which we both learned that we had one thing in common. Like me, she had recently written a book. Not a memoir but The Red Kimono, a historical novel, chronicling the heart-warming and heart-breaking account of a Japanese…

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  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Jan’s a great lady, isn’t she?

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